Bring on Air, online

Bring on Air, online

Want to join your favorite Capiche FM broadcast and share your thoughts live? You can now do that without calling into a show's number.

When you're listening to a show, click Request to speak and Capiche FM will call your phone. Then, press 1 to request to speak, and your show host can bring you live on air.

Or, if you're hosting a show, you can now bring anyone who's listening on air, as long as they're logged into a Capiche account. Click Bring on Air, and if they're listening online they'll see a popup inviting them to speak—and if they accept, Capiche will call their phone, so they can come on air without needing to call the show themselves.

And if you're hosting a show, you can now submit your Capiche FM show to podcast directories. Open your show's settings to copy your show's RSS feed, which includes a recording of every published free broadcast from your show. (Note: There are still some issues with submitting to Apple Podcast via iTunes Connect that we're working to resolve soon).

We've also streamlined our onboarding, so you can do a test broadcast with just one friend to get started. And when people first start listening to your show online, they'll get hold music while your show's coming on air so they stick around until you're ready.