Broadcast from the web

Broadcast from the web

Go live on Capiche from any browser—desktop or mobile—and use your favorite mic to stream.

Capiche FM just got its most-requested featured: Broadcasting from the web.

You can now broadcast live to your Capiche show from any modern browser on desktop or mobile, and use your favorite microphone to record your broadcast. And you can bring guests on stage right from their browser, too—they can request to speak, and seconds later be talking live on your show.

Our new web streaming has far higher quality audio than phone calls could, with much lower latency so it'll be easier to keep the conversation going. You can now use any microphone that works with your computer to broadcast—just connect it before the show and make sure it's the default input on your computer or phone. Plus, you can now have guests from around the world on your show easily, without international calls and spotty connections.

How to broadcast on Capiche from the web.

The next time you're ready to go live, open your Capiche FM dashboard and click Start Broadcasting as normal. Capiche will request to access your mic—enable it and allow your browser to acces your mic, and then you can get ready for the show as normal in the green room. If you've invited guests to your show, have them open your show's page in their browser, and request to speak. Then you can chat with your other speakers and make sure everything's ready to go before you go live.

Ready to stream? Click Go Live, and everything after that will be livestreamed to your followers. Listeners can request to speak as before, and this time all they'll need to do is let Capiche acces their mic, and then they'll be live on your show, too.

And once you're done broadcasting, click End broadcast and add final details to share your broadcast recording with anyone would missed the live call.

We can't wait to tune into your newer, higher quality shows!

If you have any trouble with Capiche's new web broadcasting, email our team anytime!