Clip your show’s best moments.

Clip your show’s best moments.

Share clips from your show broadcasts, and see what parts of your show the audience enjoyed the most.

Those times you improvise on the spot and come up with something quotable, ask your guest a question and they say something fascinating, tell a joke and it's too good not to share, learn something new on your favorite show ... those moments and more are worth sharing around. And now you can, with Capiche FM's new Clip tool.

Whenever you're listening to a Capiche FM broadcast recording, or if you go back and re-listen to your show after its over, you'll notice a new pair of scissors in the top left corner. Click that to clip the broadcast, starting at the spot where you're listening.

There, in the Clip Editor, you can drag the blue selector over the section of audio you want to share. Clips are 30 seconds long by default, though you can drag the sides of the selector to share as little as 10 seconds or as long as 2 minutes 20 seconds. There's a minimap underneath to scrub through the full broadcast, to find the section you want to clip.

Once you've cropped the clip down to what you want to share, add a title and description then click Create clip.

Tip: The shorter the clip, the better. HubSpot found that 30 second clips get more engagement on Instagram, or 45 seconds to 1 minute on Twitter.

Moments later, you'll see the clip in your account's new My Clips page at, where you can see everything you've clipped from any Capiche FM shows, along with everything others have clipped from your broadcasts. Share your clip around and let others enjoy the moments you loved from the show.

Clips show up everywhere—on your favorite show's page, underneath the individual broadcasts, and on Capiche Discover. They're a great way to see the highlights of a broadcast before you listen to the whole thing.

Along with that, Capiche FM now has a new blog and changelog to keep track of everything new in Capiche. Keep your eye out for new posts coming soon!