Host with Friends

Host with Friends

You don't have to broadcast alone anymore. Capiche FM now has a new Host with Friends option to add co-hosts to your channel.

Click the new Host with friends button on your Capiche FM channel dashboard or click the Invite a co-host link in your Capiche FM channel settings. Then, enter the phone number for the person you want to invite, complete with their country code. Capiche FM will send them an SMS message to invite them to help manage your channel.

Then, the next time you go live, your co-host can see the show dashboard, bring people on air, read messages, and more. They can also start a new live stream to keep the show going if you're not free.

You can invite as many team members as you'd like to help manage your show. And if you got invited but forgot to accept, go to your Capiche FM Invites page to join in anytime later.

Happy broadcasting!