Schedule Broadcasts, with Markdown

Schedule Broadcasts, with Markdown

Some of the best Capiche FM live shows are spontaneous, off-the-cuff calls where you chat about what's on your mind. But when you want to invite someone on your show and make sure your subscribers know ahead of time, it's best to plan in advance.

That's why we added one of our most requested features: Scheduled broadcasts.

On your Capiche FM show dashboard, there's a new Schedule a broadcast button along with a list of all shows you've scheduled. Click it, then add a name, description, date, and time for your upcoming call. You can even customize the Go Live text message ahead of time, to make things easier at the start of your call.

Another new feature: You can use Markdown to format your episode description—and to add formatting to your completed episode description before publishing them to your podcast feed (check Capiche's Markdown guide if you haven't used it before).

You can then invite your guest speaker so they'll have their Capiche FM account ready ahead of time. And, you can write a new text message to let your subscribers know about the event before it starts.

If you'd rather wait until closer to time to tell everyone, just click the See my scheduled broadcast to jump ahead. You can always come back anytime later and send the SMS closer to time.

With that, your Capiche FM show page will now show the next upcoming show—along with a list of every other show you've scheduled into the future. Each scheduled show has its own page that's perfect to invite people to attend. And if the schedule changes, you can always go edit a scheduled show, change its details or date, and send a new SMS message to your followers about the upcoming call.