Switch mics during your broadcast

Switch mics during your broadcast

Pick the best mic for the job.

The best camera is the one that's with you, goes the adage, but with microphones you're likely spoiled for choice. There's one built into your phone and computer—and on newer tablets and computers, there may be multiple built-in mics to reduce background noise and give a clearer recording. There's one in your headphones, that will stay consistently loud even if you move around. And you might have a fancy mic connected to your computer for the most important recordings, or a webcam that includes a better mic for calls.

And you might want to start with one mic and switch to another.

You can use them all now with Capiche FM's new mic selector. When you first start broadcasting, you can test your mic to see how you sound, and switch to another mic if you'd like something better.

Then, if you want to switch mics anytime during the broadcast—say if your headphones battery die or you need to move to another room—click the settings icon on the bottom right of your speaker pane beside the Mute button. There you can select the mic you want and click Save to switch your broadcast to the new mic.

Along with that, we added a few tweaks to make web broadcasting even better. Short recordings should now work better—so even a 1 minute update on your show can get featured. Guest speakers on shows can now click a Leave button to go off air, instead of just muting their mic until the end of the show. If you need to ban a guest from your live chat, all their earlier messages will get archived, too—no need to remove each message. And if you're looking for something new to listen to, you're in luck—when your favorite show wraps up their broadcast, Capiche will show other popular shows that are live right now.