How to schedule a Capiche broadcast

How to schedule a Capiche broadcast

Sometimes you've got something to say right now, and the best thing to go is go live on your channel and tell it to your followers.

Other times, logistics get in the way. You'd like to make sure everyone can tune in, so you need to pick a time that works best for them and tell them to mark their calendars in advance. You want to bring someone on the show, but you need to carve out a time that works for both of you. Or maybe you just want to broadcast on a regular schedule, with a list of upcoming broadcasts so your fans will know what's coming up.

That's where scheduled broadcasts come in handy. You pick a time to go live, add details about what you'll broadcast, and invite any guests you want to come live on the show with you. And you'll get to pre-write the invitation SMS messages and tweak broadcast settings ahead of time, so when it's time to go live, all you'll have to do is talk.

Here's how.

Put your next Capiche broadcast on the schedule.

Open your show's Capiche FM dashboard, and click Scheduled a broadcast. Add a name and description—share what you'll be broadcasting, with Markdown formatting.

The most important part is to select the date, time, and timezone when you'll be broadcasting. Your show page will show the time in the time zone you select here—typically it's best to pick the timezone where the majority of your listeners reside.

You can then do some of the tasks ahead of time that you'd typically do right before you go live. If this will be a private broadcast for your paid subscribers, check the For paying subscribers box. You can also check if you want to let people request to speak during the broadcast. And you can add copy to the SMS message Capiche FM will send to your followers when you go live to invite them to join in.

If you're in a hurry, you can skip all the extras—all you must have to schedule a broadcast is the name, description, date, and time. You can edit your event later to add in everything else, if you want.

Invite others to join your broadcast.

Got someone who will come on your show this time? Invite them in advance so when it's time to go live, everyone will be ready.

In the second step of scheduleing your Capiche broadcast, add any guests you want to speak on this broadcast. Enter their phone number, then click Send text to invite them to join in. Once they accept, their name will show up on the scheduled broadcast page, and you can invite them to join the call from the greenroom before your show goes live.

Finally, you can go ahead and send an SMS message to your entire subscribe list, if you want, to let them know ahead of time about your upcoming broadcast.

And that's it. You'll get a unique page on your Capiche FM show page for your scheduled broadcast, which will show the broadcast recording once you're finished broadcasting. And if you ever want to change the details before you go live—or need to cancel the scheduled broadcast—click the Edit button on that page to tweak anything you want.

Happy broadcasting!

Need more help? Email the Capiche team anytime.