How to start a new Capiche FM show

How to start a new Capiche FM show

When inspriation strikes and you'd like to start streaming your thoughts to the world, your first step is starting a Capiche FM show. Then you can go live any time, build a following tuned in to your every word, and schedule broadcasts to share around so your friends and fans know when to tune in.

All you need is to start.

You only need 3 things to start a Capiche FM show: A show name, permalink, and cover image.

If you've joined Capiche FM but haven't started a show yet, just login and click the everpresent Host a Show button in the top right corner. Or, if you already have a show and want to make a new one, click here.

Add a name for your show, and a permalink for your show's Capiche FM page (so your fans can go to to find your show). Then, you'll need cover art for your show—either upload a grpahic, or pick a favorite color and emoji to let Capiche make a banner image for your show.

With the basics out of the way, Capiche will then help you schedule your first broadcast, share your show with your friends and fans, then take you to your dashboard where you can run the show.

Go live, schedule a broadcast, or manage your subscribers from the Capiche FM dashboard.

Now, when inspiration strikes and you want to go live, open your Capiche FM dashboard and click the purple Start broadcasting button. Your phone will ring—answer the call, then click Go Live to broadcast your thoughts to the world.

And if you have more than one show, you can jump to your other show's dashboards from the menu. Click your name in the top right corner, select My shows, then select the show you want to broadcast from to jump to its dashboard (or, you can always find your show's dashboard at

Happy broadcasting!

Need more help getting started? Email the Capiche team anytime.