How to manage your Capiche FM SMS notifications

How to manage your Capiche FM SMS notifications

Capiche FM started out with just phone calls and SMS messages—the original ways to broadcast your voice and chat. That lives on in today's Capiche FM SMS notificaitons, where you'll get an auth code whenever you login with your phone number, and a reminder whenever your favorite Capiche FM shows go live.

If you'd rather not get SMS messages, though, or want to trim your notifications, here's how.

Turn off Capiche FM show SMS notifications

Decide you'd prefer to not get notified when a show goes live? You can manage your Capiche FM notifications from your My Subscriptions page.

Open your Capiche FM subscriptions page (, select any show you want to unsubscribe from, then click the Subscribed button on the show page to unsubscribe. Repeat that for any other shows you no longer want to be notified about. You can still tune in anytime to free broadcasts, though you won't get notified when they're live.

And if you ever decide you want to get notified again, just repeat the process. Open your favorite show's Capiche page and click Subscribe again to get notified when they go live.

Turn off all Capiche FM SMS notifications

Alternately, you can stop Capiche FM from sending any more SMS messages to your phone number, if you want. To do that, find a recent SMS message you've received from any Capiche show, and reply STOP.

If you live outside the United States, your messages from Capiche may be bundled with other international messages. If so, send STOP to +1.847.383.9070 and we'll make sure you're unsubscribed.

Sign in to Capiche FM without SMS

If you disable all Capiche FM SMS messages, you won't be able to sign into Capiche with your phone number. As such, you'll first want to make sure you've added an email address and password to your Capiche account.

Open your Capiche FM account settings (, make sure your email address is current, and update your password if needed. You can then disable SMS notifications as above, and use your email and password to login to Capiche.

Re-enable Capiche FM SMS messages

Or, if you change your mind and would like to start receiving SMS messages from Capiche again, just reply START to the original SMS conversation from Capiche to reenable your Capiche notifications.

Need more help? Email the Capiche team anytime.